• 32 Microphones:
    Neumann KM-series:
    3x 130, 2x 143,
    4x 184, 3x 140 + 1x AK40, 2x 185
    2x 84i; 4x KMF4i);
    Schoeps: 2x MK22, 3x MK4, 2x BLM 03 (each with CMC6)
    Sennheiser: 3x MKH 30
    AKG: 2x 542 BL, 1x C 4000 B
  • Microphone preamplifier: 3x RME Octamic-D up to 192kHz. At all 24 channels (max 96kHz)
  • Converter: RME-AD; Fostex 24bit/96 kHz
    RME Digiface/RME Multiface for PC-Connection
  • Taping:
    Lenovo Thinkpad W701 with Magix Sequoia 11.1
    Backup: Fostex D2424LV
    Digital 24-track-recorder
    Up-to-date equipment for high resolution audio for DVD Audio and SACD. enables first class recordings also for CD
  • DAT: Sony DTC 60
  • Artificial reverberation: Quantec Yardstick 2492
  • Monitoring equipment: Rotel power amplifier; Manger MSW dynamic transformer with SEAS bass; B&W DM 601S2 and 303 with Elac subwoofer;
    Sennheiser HD 800, 600 and 2 x HD 580 headphones, closed Ultrasone HFI-650


  • Modern multicore PC (pentium i7, 12GB RAM)


  • Magix Sequoia version 11.1

Analog equipment:

  • Tape recorder: Akai GX 630 DB with dolby, quarter track, ", 9,5/19
  • Kenwood KX 9050 MC deck, Dolby B, C
  • Kenwood KD770D + AT OC9 for LPs
    Oehlbach XXL phono preamplifier